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Disco House genre

Disco house genre is a combination of modern house and elements of disco music.

disco house genre by DAW LibrarY Disco house genre is a subgenre of house music.

Joey Negro was experimenting in the late 1980s. He intended to use current technology to reproduce the vintage disco sound.
Black Box's 1989 hit song Ride on Time was the first to introduce the wider audience to this new sound. This song was a remake of Loleatta Holloway's 1980 hit Love Sensation. This style was popularized in 1999 when The Pet Shop Boys' "New York City Boy" hit the dance floors. It then moved on to Spiller's Groovejet and Modjo's Lady in 2000 and 2001. After around three years, the short boom faded and there were just a few titles left, such as B. from the Disco Boys.

DAW LibrarY creates professional disco house templates in multiple directions for Logic Pro XCubase ProAbleton Live

All of our Logic templates Cubase templates and Ableton templates from DAW LibrarY are created using only DAW built-in tools and plugins. This eliminates compatibility issues with plug-ins and tools from other manufacturers.

You'll simply need a DAW of your choosing - Logic Pro, Cubase Pro, or Ableton Live - and a fully installed sound library to get started with our template!

We use audio tracks for vocals and FX in our disco house genre templates. All synthesizers and sampler instruments are on midi tracks and can be edited or replaced with other instruments.

All DAW LibrarY disco house templates can be freely edited: modify any sound, all synthesizer parameters, chords, melodies, and more.

CloserToMe - Cubase template
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CloserToMe - Logic template
If you want to create modern disco, you'll need to check the Logic template " CloserToMe "!
Hot2Me - Logic Pro Template
With the " Hot2Me " Logic Pro template you will learn how to create modern dance pop song!