Just a Boy - Logic Template

Check out the " Just a Boy " Logic Pro template created in house music style!

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The " Just a Boy " template is a great starting point for your house track.

House is an electronic dance music genre distinguished by a repeating four-on-the-floor rhythm and a typical tempo ranging from 115 to 130 beats per minute.
House, like Techno, emerged in the early 1980s. The name is derived from the Chicago club Warehouse, where Frankie Knuckles, as DJ, constantly experimented and therefore gave rise to the House music genre. In contrast to techno, the danceability is more prominent here.

This " Just a Boy " House template inspires you with a smooth groove, e-guitar chords and dreamy synth flute melodies.
The basis of this track is built on electronic drums in the manner of house music and a powerful synth bass.

This house template was created entirely with Logic's built-in instruments and plugins.

In this logic template we use audio tracks for vocals and FX. All synths and sampler instruments are recorded on midi tracks that can be modified or replaced with other instruments.

To get started with our home template, all you need is Logic Pro and a sound library installed on your Mac!

In our Logic template "Just a Boy," you can adjust any sounds, all synthesizer parameters, chords, melodies, and much more.

Get your copy today and learn how we created this fantastic house template " Just a Boy ".

Just a Boy - Logic Template
Genre: House
Metronome32x32.pngBPM: 122
Key: Bm
Used-Instruments32x32.pngThis Logic Pro template makes use of the following instruments: Ultrabeat; EXS24; ES1; ES-Е; ES2; Sculpture.
Features32x32_2.pngSpecial features: E-Guitar; Synth Flute; E-guitar chords.
Automation: Most tracks have automation incl. filter cutoff's, FX etc.
Producer32x32_2.pngProduced by Maxim Dergunov
DAW: Logic Pro 10.4.4+
Vocal: only preview not included -  all vocals addlibs are inkluded.
Music Genre
Logic Pro
Produced by
Maxim Dergunov
Specs 1
Made with only DAW Sound Library
Specs 2
Royalty Free
Specs 3
100% Editable
Specs 4
Virtual Instruments and Samplers
Specs 5
100% Transposable
Specs 6
Specs 7
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