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Maxi-Beat Music Studio

Maxi-Beat Music Studio - Professional recording studio in Wiesbaden.

Since April 2015, our Maxi-Beat Music Studio has been located in the beautiful Hessian state capital of Wiesbaden.

The city is known for its spa houses and castles, casino and theatre, tiny inner city streets and vineyards. So you can relax very well after the vocal recording :). For 20 years of music production by Maxi-Beat, a large amount of musical material created by various bands and singers. Our music is produced in a variety of styles, ranging from author's songs and chansons to jazz, hip-hop, and progressive electronics. The modern qualitative equipment of the Maxi-Beat Music Studio meets the highest requirements.

Our Maxi-Beat recording studio handles everything from live recording and playback restoration through audio dubbing and/or commercial production for radio, television, cinema, and events.

At addition, in our recording studio, speech can be synced. music, tones. Sound effects can be recorded alongside the image or video. as per your request.
We find the suitable voice for overseas recordings as well.

And of course, we create DAW templates in various styles for DAW LibrarY in Logic Pro, Steinberg Cubase and Ableton formats.

PEPE - Logic Template
Explore the creation of the modern dance music using the template PEPE
Not alone - Ableton Template
Discover the contemporary EDM stylings inspired by David Guetta with the NOT ALONE Ableton template