Logic Pro Sampler EXS24

Logic Pro Sampler Instruments Not so long ago, a new version of the Logic Pro sampler was released.

Its successor is simply called Logic Pro Sampler and makes it fundamentally easier to create new instruments. The new sounds based on multisamples can be created incredibly quickly. It is possible to drop an audio file with samples played one after the other into the sampler window and display them chromatically correct. If you want, you can still actively interfere with the sound structure and shaping. With the Logic Pro Sampler, creating new sounds from samples is a playful creative process, rather than a dry programming process that is often found on other platforms. The sampler has synthesis functions, support for sampled instruments of almost any size, and 16 outputs for flexible mixing and sound processing.

The EXS24 Logic Pro sampler makes it easy to add sample-based sounds to your production.

We create easy-to-use guitar instruments based on our sample library.

For example: MaX lead guitar instrument. This compact Logic Pro Sampler instrument takes up extremely little space on your disk but sounds very natural, because the main nuances of guitar solo playing were taken into account when creating it.