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Oriental music

Oriental music refers to music from the Middle East and neighboring regions such as North Africa, the Levant, and the Persian Gulf states.

oriental music templates by DAW LibrarY Oriental music templates uses the instruments and melodies of the Middle East.

This music genre is not exclusive to Arabic-speaking countries, Israel, Iran, or Turkey. Oriental music has characteristics similar to Greek and Indian music, and its influence reaches over Central Asia, the Caucasus, and from southern Europe to the chalga of Bulgarian folk music.

Many instruments are made in the Middle East. The oud, a pear-shaped lute with four strings typically, is the most popular of the stringed instruments, though modern models have up to six courses with one or two strings apiece.
Percussion instruments are extremely significant in Middle Eastern music. This music's intricate rhythms are frequently played on a variety of simple percussion instruments.

The Armenian duduk is a well-known double-reeded, oboe-like instrument constructed of Apricot tree wood. The rhaita, or Moroccan oboe, has a double-reed mouthpiece that echoes sound along its long and narrow body. The sorna is a related instrument. It is more commonly associated with festivals and boisterous festivities than with the mizmar and zurna. The mey, which has a big double reed, has a Turkish influence. Bamboo reed pipes are the most typical accompaniment to Egyptian belly dancing and music.

Geographical varieties of the oriental music in the Arabic-speaking regions of the Middle East

    •    Arabic music
    •    Arabic Andalusian
    •    Arabic Pop
    •    Arabic Rap
    •    Arabic Rock
    •    Arabesque music
    •    Dabke music
    •    Egyptian Music
    •    Iraqi music
    •    Jordanian music
    •    Khaliji music
    •    Music of the United Arab Emirates
    •    Lebanese music
    •    Mawwal
    •    Maghrebian music
    •    Moroccan music
    •    Mugham
    •    Palestinian music
    •    Sha'abi
    •    Tarab music
    •    Syrian music
    •    Zajal

Geographical varieties of the music in the Middle East that is not in the Arabic language

    •    Armenian music
    •    Assyrian/Syriac folk music
    •    Coptic Christian Ritual music
    •    Iranian music
    •    Jewish music
    •    Israeli music
    •    Kurdish music
    •    Turkish music

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