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Soca genre

Soca genre music, defined as the "Soul Of Calypso" is an offshoot of kaiso/calypso, with influences from chutney, cadence, funk and soul.

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Soca genre originates from West African rhythms.

This genre emerged in the early 1970s and grew in popularity throughout the decade. Soca's musical evolution included fusions with Calypso, Chutney, Reggae, Zouk, Latin, Cadence, and traditional West African rhythms.
In 1970, KH Studios in Trinidad began a sound project to find a way to record the complex Calypso rhythm in a new multi-track era.

Soca music is built around a strong rhythm section, which is often recorded using synthesized drum sounds and then sequenced using computers; however, for live performances, the live human drummer emulates the recorded version, often using electronic drums to trigger drum samples. In this genre of music, the drums and percussion are frequently loud, and they are sometimes the only instruments backing up the vocal. Soca is defined by its fast, loud percussive beats. Synthesizers are frequently used in modern soca, and have largely replaced the once-traditional horn section at'smaller' shows. Electric and bass guitars are common instruments in live soca bands. A horn section can be found in live soca bands on occasion, usually for the 'bigger' shows.

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Soca Boys - Cubase Template
Enjoy the sound of this Soca Boys Cubase soca template and make your own hit on its basis!
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