Cubase 12 update - New features and functions

Cubase 12 update - enhancements and improvements.

Cubase 12 update by DAW LibrarY

Creative power

The enhanced controller support in Cubase 12 is one of its features. Through automated detection of selected controllers and the offer of expanded choices for mapping external devices, all three variations enable smooth integration of MIDI controllers into the Cubase 12 environment. Speaking of which, working with Chord Track was a breeze. It has an extended drag-and-drop option for moving audio events and using them in a targeted fashion to offer MIDI chord connections for audio as well. Other new features in Cubase Pro and Cubase Artist include the VariAudio-based Scale Assistant for easy pitch and timing corrections, as well as the FX Modulator, which includes a variety of effect modules as well as a thorough envelope editor.

Еditing workflow

With the new Raiser Limiter, Cubase Pro 12 has expanded the range of dynamics processors. AudioWarp enhancements, along with the included Free Warp tool for correcting multiple tracks at the same time in the project window. For Cubase, the editing workflow has been improved with near-accurate volume automation.

New instruments

With the Cubase 12 update you get the New Felt Piano Verve, recorded at Yamaha Studios in Los Angeles, which is part of the Cubase Pro 12.

Additional Improvements of Cubase 12

Cubase 12 now runs on Apple Silicon processors, resulting in considerable process speedups and performance optimizations in a variety of areas.

Cubase 12 update also includes the following new features and capabilities:

Improved performance in large projects, including improved navigation and zoom.
Import signatures and tempo tracks from other projects and track libraries.
Waveform smoothing is now available for even more precise sound editing. 3rd of 4 pages
Windows 10 Bluetooth over MIDI
Volume meter, spectrum keypad, phase balance, level and volume histograms are among the new SuperVision modules.
Audio with sidechain support can be exported.
Advanced crossfade editor for greater fade control and editing
All events in a track can now be edited using ARA extensions.