Logic Pro 10.7.5 - New features and functions

Logic Pro 10.7.5 - New features and functions

What’s new in Logic Pro 10.7.5

Attention!!! OS 12.6.1 Monterey is required for Logic 10.7.5.

Free tempo recording and other improvements to Smart Tempo

You can use the Free Tempo Recording button to record audio without a metronome or defined tempo in a new or existing project. This allows you to capture ideas quickly without worrying about the precise tempo, record material with flexible tempo or timing, or have new content follow the tempo of your recorded performance organically. See Use free tempo recording in Logic Pro.
You can improve Smart Tempo analysis results by adding and editing hints for downbeats and beats, and add time signature hints on downbeats to define time signature changes. See Work in the Logic Pro Smart Tempo Editor and Improve the tempo analysis using hints in Logic Pro.
After you make edits in the Smart Tempo Editor using either hints or beat markers, and are satisfied with the results, you can lock the range containing those edits and continue working on the rest of the file. Locking a range protects that range from any changes made by additional edits, or by performing a new tempo analysis. See Protect Smart Tempo edits by locking a range.
Smart Tempo analysis of audio files and recordings have been significantly improved with a new machine learning-based system. See Work in the Logic Pro Smart Tempo Editor.

Support for customized spatial audio

On macOS 13 or later, Logic Pro 10.7.5 also supports Personalized Spatial Audio, which provides an even more precise immersive audio experience over headphones by using a customized head-and-ear-measurement profile that users can create on supported iPhones.

Ableton Link support

Logic Pro 10.7.5 supports Ableton Link, a protocol that synchronizes the beat, phase, and tempo of Link-activated applications on the same computer or over a shared network. You can keep playback synchronized across different devices or join a group jam. See Ableton Link in Logic Pro.

Record MIDI plug-in output

MIDI plug-ins can now be recorded, allowing precise editing of the resulting notes and controller data. See Record MIDI plug-in output.
Edit the gain of audio regions with the Gain tool
The Gain tool provides quick and easy adjustments to the gain of audio regions in the Tracks area. See Edit the gain of audio regions in the Tracks area.

Nested track stacks

Both folder stacks and summing stacks can now contain nested track stacks, offering more flexibility and organization within projects. See Create and edit track stacks.

Use Pedalboard stompboxes as independent plug-ins

The 35 individual stompboxes included in Pedalboard are now available to use as individual plug-ins on both audio and software instrument tracks.
See Stompboxes overview.

New sound packs

Logic Pro 10.7.5 includes two new sound packs: Beat Tape (Hip Hop) and Modular Rhythms (Synth Drums). You can download these from the Sound Packs sections of the Sound Library Manager. See Manage Logic Pro content.

Logic Pro 10.7.5 Settings and project settings

    •    Logic Pro Preferences are now named Logic Pro Settings to align with macOS Ventura. See Overview of Logic Pro Settings.
    •    Enable the new Logic Pro > Settings > Automation > “Create Node when cutting at constant values” checkbox to have Logic Pro duplicate MIDI events at the cut position in the new region. See Automation settings in Logic Pro.
    •    The Automatically Colorize Takes checkbox in the Recording project settings is now disabled when the Region Color parameter in the Tracks Display settings is set to As Track Color.

32-bit file import

You can now import 32-bit float audio files natively in Logic Pro. See Media and file formats in Logic Pro.
Improved organization in the Plug-in Manager
When selecting a plug-in in the Plug-in Manager, every category that the plug-in has been copied to is dimmed, providing a better overview of how you have organized your plug-ins.

Logic Pro 10.7.5 Miscellaneous enhancements

    •    The local Edit menu in the Mixer has a new command that lets you select channel strips with the same panner type as the currently selected channel strip.
    •    The round robin feature in Auto Sampler has been increased from 8 to 32.
    •    The Copy command in the Marker List now follows the viewing option “Length as Absolute Position.” It also includes the Lock information and acknowledges the hidden columns and the order of the columns in the Marker List.