Logic Pro 10.7.8 New features

Logic Pro 10.7.8 Logic Pro 10.7.8

New features in Logic Pro 10.7.8 for Mac and miscellaneous improvements

Sharing projects with Logic Pro for iPad

Logic Pro for Mac Fully compatible with the new Logic Pro for iPad app.
You can open a Logic Pro project in Logic Pro for iPad and continue editing it.
Certain Logic Pro features are not supported in Logic Pro for iPad.

Using virtual MIDI devices to send and receive MIDI messages with other music apps

Logic Pro for Mac Includes two virtual MIDI devices called Logic Pro Virtual In and Logic Pro Virtual Out.
Use Logic Pro Virtual In to receive MIDI messages from another music app in Logic Pro, and use Logic Pro Virtual Out to send MIDI messages from Logic Pro to other music apps on your Mac, including GarageBand for Mac.

Optimized Connect tool

The Pin tool from previous versions of Logic Pro for Mac is now the Join tool. Among its other features, clicking on a looped region with the Merge tool can now merge the original region and all looped instances into a single region.

Optimized editing of automation points

When you edit a range of automation points, the relative differences in their values are now preserved.
If the value of one of the automation points reaches the minimum or maximum value, the other values can no longer be changed.
You can override this behavior by holding down the Option key while moving.

If you make a marquee selection in a track's automation lane and then press Delete, all automation points in the selected range are deleted and automation points are placed at the start and end of the selected range.

Neural Pitch Detection algorithm in the Pitch Correction plug-in

In Logic Pro for Mac 10.7.8, the Pitch Correction plug-in includes a Neural Pitch Detection checkbox, which is checked by default.
Neural Pitch Detection generates an ML (machine learning) algorithm that intelligently determines the pitch range and combines it with other controls to deliver very realistic sounding results.

New sample rate default for projects

The default project sample rate in new installations of Logic Pro for Mac is now 48 kHz.
The default sample rate for existing Logic Pro users remains the same unless you delete the Logic Pro preferences file on your Mac. You can change a project's sample rate at any time.

New sound pack

Logic Pro for Mac 10.7.8 includes a new sound pack: 8-Bit Legends.
This and other sound packs are available for download in the Sound Library Manager in the Sound Packs section.

Miscellaneous improvements

You can also open Logic Pro without Audio Unit plug-ins by holding down the Control key while launching the app.
You can also choose to have Core Audio enabled or disabled when you start Logic Pro.

The Edit menu in the Mixer includes a command for selecting summing stack channel strips.

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