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Free Cubase template - Startup

The signal routing in our free Cubase template is as close to an analog studio mixing console!

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free cubase template by DAW LibrarY Startup work with free Cubase template by DAW LibrarY.

Our concept's signal routing of this Cubase template is as close to an analog studio mixing console as possible.

This scheme is used to create all of our Cubase templates by DAW LibrarY. A diagram of our start-up template's signal routing is included in the readme PDF file.

Several folders with channels for various purposes are created in our Cubase template "Startup."

Audio folder

The template has an audio folder - there are about 20 tracks that I specifically left empty and they are intended for recording vocals or acoustic instruments. Audio effects can also be placed on these tracks.

Drums folder

In the next "Drums" folder this Cubase template there is a "Groove Agent SE" drum machine, audio channels for individual drum samples and midi tracks separately for each drum sample. These audio channels are the same as the channels in an analog mixing console - there you can process each drum sound with an equalizer, compressor, and so on. There you can also send a signal to master effects, such as reverb, chorus or delay. The midi tracks only serve to trigger the drum samples and the audio signal does not pass through them.

Instruments folder

Below the "Drums" folder are all the virtual instruments used in our free Cubase template "Startup". These tracks combine midi and an audio channel which is all the functions of a normal mixing console audio channel.

Audio Bus Group folder

At the bottom are the "Audio Bus Group" folders. Just like in a studio mixing console, these busses are fed signals from various instruments. For example: all tracks of drums and percussion are fed to drum bus, all guitars to guitar bus and so on. In this folder, there is a bus called master buss, to which all instrumental buses are routed, and the output is connected to „Master Out”. Its purpose is to control the overall volume of the mix before it arrives the “Master Out”.

Master FX folder

The effect channels folder contains all the master send effects (reverb, chorus, delay, etc.). These effect channels can be fed from any virtual instrument or audio track.

Master out folder

All audio busses are connected to the last channel called "Stereo out" or "Master out". This channel is used for final mix processing. It includes all the plugins necessary for mastering (compressor, equalizer, limiter, etc.)

Trigger track

This Cubase template contains a track called „Trigger”. This track contains a "rimstick" type sound that beats like a metronome every quarter of a measure. The audio output of this track is muted. This channel serves as a trigger to connect a so-called "sidechannel" to compressors on other audio and instrument tracks as needed. The template includes a short demonstration of signal routing.

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