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Latin Pop genre

Latin pop is a subgenre of pop music that blends elements of American and Latin music.

latin pop templates by DAW LibrarY This genre refers to pop music from Latin America.

Latin pop (Pop latino) refers to pop music that contains sounds or influence from Latin America, but it can also mean pop music from anywhere in the Spanish-speaking world.

Latin pop is a kind of pop music that combines US–style music production with Latin music styles from all across Latin America. Latin pop, which originated with Spanish-speaking musicians, may now also be made by performers speaking Portuguese (mostly Brazilian Portuguese) and other Romance Creole languages. Latin pop is characterized by the combination of cheerful Latin music and American pop music. The term "Latin pop" refers to Spanish-language pop, rock, and dance music.

Acoustic guitars with nylon and metal strings are frequently utilized in Latin pop. The horn section, accordion, and varied percussion can also be heard. In the rhythm section, both acoustic and electronic drums can be employed.

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